Sunday, November 27, 2005

Emma birthday

It was birthday for Emma and for the occasion Rachel and Ross invited Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Ross’s parents but Monica and Chandler had already planned a romantic weekend . Withouth smile on their face, Rachel convince them to be present. Joey, forgot to buy a gift for Ema but saw Phoebe who prepared a song for Emma and he had the idea to do something similar. He decided to read a storybook. Ross bought the wrong cake and when Rachel saw the cake, it was an erotic one. Before Ross tries to exchange the cake, he asked everybody to stay at the apartment, but everybody tried to go out .

I’m Ross, I wanted for Emma, the best birthday. I wanted everybody there around her and her cake. But nobody wanted to be there except maybe my parents. I convinced everybody, and the day’s coming everybody told me that they will be there. But all went wrong. Monica and Chandler went out. The cake that I bought was not the proper cake for the occasion , it was an erotic cake and there was a penis on the cake with the picture of Emma. During the time that I’m going out to exchange the cake, everybody was gone. I was disappointed. But when I arrived at home, everybody was come back, all around Emma and this was wonderful.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I was in a café with Monica ,Rachel, Ross and Phoebe who sang a song in spite of a cold when I saw a beautiful girl who was sitting at the bar . I decided to approach her and talk to her and then after few secons , Joey entered the café , came beside me and kissed the wonderful woman right on the mouth .Than I realised that it was his new girlfriend and I was really ill at ease by that.
When I saw this situation I was pretty frustrated because I started to know more about this person and I felt in love with her and when Joey came to see and ask me what I thought about is new girlfriend, I had no choice but to say that I hated her and I was not comfortable with her .Finally I had to say to Joey that I felt something great for his new girlfriend Cathy and to say that it was the girl of my dreams but she was his and I had to deal with that .

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

1.Where did Ross meet Rachel for the first time ?
Ross met Rachel at the wash house .
2.What kind of job did Rachel have when she was young ?
She was a waitress at the beginning of the TV show.
3. Do you think the girl that Joey met at the café was alone ?
No, she had been married for a few years .
4. Who did Joey bring to the restaurant to make people think that it was his girlfriend ?
Joey brought his sister Monica .
5. What kind of misadventure did Rachel have at the laudry ?
An stupid old woman stole his washing machine.

Monday, September 26, 2005

This Friday, Ross received a call for a teacher job. He though that he could be able to did the job but nobody trusted him. He tough that a simple reading of a card can interest the students but her friends told him that he should did more. In another way, Jay had receive a letter from his boss who told him that he’s fired, because he doesn’t work enough in the last year . At this moment , Joey was strike by a stomach hurt so he couldn’t pass a good interview and he refused to go at hospital because without work he don’t had enough money. At the end of the episode , Rachel and Monica went to the Ross class and were seeing him to talk English with a British accent , that was one of the funniest moment of the episode .

Monday, September 12, 2005

Friends TV show


The TV program that I choose is Friends . The program consists of a group of people who live different thing in their life .There are about six people who have something in common . Rachel is one of the characters of this TV program and she’s played by Jennifer Aniston . There’s another popular actress who plays a characters in this broadcast and her name is Courtney Cox who plays the characters of Monica . For the other characters , you have Phoebe played by Lisa Kudrow , Ross played by David Schwimmer Joey played by Matt Leblanc and Chandler played by Matthew Perry .In general the action of this program happens in an appartment or in a café and then you can see the funniest misadventures of these characters .